Creating Awareness & Building a Foundation

Proprioception is an awareness of where our bodies are in space and how our bodies move without touch, sight, smell or sound.

Proprioceptors in our joints that send signals to our brain telling us:

  • How we move in space.
  • How fast we are moving in space.
  • The position of our joints.
  • If we are stretching and/or in pain.

Our proprioceptors maintain our balance and posture during daily activities. It is our 6th sense!

Only through proprioceptive awareness can we build a strong foundation to achieve good posture.

The POSITIVE POSTURE PROGRAM restores BALANCE between the 3 essential elements.

STABILITY so we do not fall.

MOBILITY keep us moving.

STRENGTH keep us strong.

Balance between these 3 core elements is key because IT FEELS GOOD TO FEEL STABILE, MOBILE AND STRONG!

The POSITIVE POSTURE PROGRAM addresses and corrects your individual postural imbalances by teaching you excises for improving:

  • Your STABILITY by training the muscles around your joints how to turn on and do their job.
  • MOBILITY with exercises that connect your brain back to your body so you can move healthfully within your range of motion so you can improve to your range motion without injury.
  • STRENGTH by training specific muscles that support your structure and your posture.

LOADS: Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretches

Poor posture leads to compression in our joints causing neck and back pain, sciatica, disc herniations, scoliosis, arthritis, and neurological conditions.

ELDOA™ postures are precise self-normalizing exercises that increase space within a specific joint space through fascial tension. This tension aims at balancing the body's facial system to normalize our structure and our posture.

The ELDOAs goal is to:

• Create more space between the vertebrae reducing disc herniations, kyphosis, text neck and scoliosis.

• Create more space for the intervertebral disc to relieve pressure off our nerves and blood vessels.

• Improve proprioception of the vertebral joint segment.

Hydrate the intervertebral disc.


The POSITIVE POSTURE PROGRAM teaches you how to perform ELDOA™ postures through private VIRTUAL LIVE INTERACTIVE sessions.

The POSITIVE POSTURE PROGRAM gives you the tools to:

  • Create spatial awareness and refresh your sense of proprioception.
  • Build a foundation for healthy movements.
  • Establish both physical and mental balance in your life.
  • Re-train your body and mind to create NEW and HEALTHY behaviors.


  • Create benchmarks and set concrete goals.
  • Challenge yourself and learn advanced techniques as you progress into each new phase.
  • See real progress on a weekly basis.
  • Bring structure and fluidity to your movements.
  • Improve your posture by increasing mobility and decrease discomfort and pain!

"I never knew how far off my posture was and how my poor habits contributed to my neck pain. The Positive Posture Program gave me the tools to correct my posture and now I am PAIN FREE "

- Vechi


Christine Ryan, CPT, CMT

Co-Founder OC Postive Posture

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Massage Therapist

Certified ELDOA Trainer™