Welcome to the OC Positive Posture Program


CONGRATULATIONS for investing in YOU! We are here for you every step of the way for questions and concerns. We want to know if your program is not working for you so we can make the necessary changes. Your success is our success!

We know you are eager to get started, We also know the importance of having a good and honest understanding of where your proprioceptive awareness is right now so you know how to correct.  Understanding your old behaviors is imperative to create new healthy habits. 



Each segment consists of:

  1. Optional lecture to read regarding your body mechanics to help you understand how your body moves in space.
  2. Video(s). These will be awareness and proprioception exercises for you to participate in. Some may want to watch the video first and then participate, some may chose to participate without viewing the contents first. Some videos require you to record yourself.
  3. A questionnaire form to record your findings and monitor your progress.

PHASE 1 CAN BE DONE ON YOUR OWN TIME. We do provide a calendar if you want one, you do NOT need to use it.

What we need from you: 

HONESTY, be as painstakingly honest as possible filling out each proprioception and awareness self-assessment questionnaire.


  1. Your answers will provide vital information about your specific problem areas so we can customize your program for your individual needs.
  2. Provides a baseline assessment to know how much improvement you have achieved at each phase.

It is MANDATORY to complete PHASE 1 before embarking on PHASE 2.


Exercise Programs are broken down into:

  1. Lower Body Workout
  2. Glut (buttocks) and Back Workout
  3. Upper Body Workout

We recommend you perform these exercises programs 6 days a week for optimal success but again, do them in a way the works best for your schedule. What you put is, is what you get out!

We encourage you to use the private Facebook group with questions and concerns. Others may have your questions or may not know they have that question. Feel free to email us privately as well.