How To Sit For The Corporate Athlete, YES, that is YOU!

The human body, governed by our brain, wants to be as lazy and as efficient as possible all the time.  So when we lose musculature because of under use, the body does not want to feed its energy resources toward the muscles that are not doing their job to support you upright.  This allows for even more atrophy of those muscles and an overbuilding of our larger muscles that have had to take on a role they were not designed to do unless in an emergency. 

This is how we developed poor posture. 

You stopped exercising the muscles that support you either due to:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Injury/Illness
  • Exhaustion/Stress

Whatever the reason, we get the same result… poor posture while standing, sitting, sleeping and during all our activities of daily living. The brain does not want to admit that you have lost strength, so it lets you think you are doing great until that one fateful day where you picked up the laundry basket or a suitcase or went for your weekly weekend run or played basketball and BAMM, you are flat on your back, tore your achilles tendon or hurt your knee, shoulder, neck or jaw.  

Now that you are learning how to correct your standing posture, we are going to teach you to sit!


  1. Your computer screen is at EYE LEVEL.
  2.  Your thighs are PARALLEL to the floor.
  3. You can raise the floor up with a stool, yoga blocks or old books.
  4. Elbows are bent at 90 - 100 degrees.
  5. Maintain a NEUTRAL pelvis sitting on top of your sit bones
  6. Maintain your DOUBLE CHIN position in your head.
  7. Keep both sit bones EVENLY touching the surface you are sitting on whether you are on the floor or in a chair.


  1. Cross your legs
  2. Sit on your wallet
  3. Slouch
  4. Bend one knee